Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catch up

First, I need to go back almost a month! Yeah, it has been forever. Well at 6 months this is what Mackenzie looked like. She is soooo big. I actually forgot to measure how long she was, but I did weigh her at the doctor and she was 15 pounds exactly.

At 6 months old, she is a VERY happy little girl.
She has been sitting up on her own for almost a month.
She like to talk and is saying things like mamama all the time.
She squeals and smiles tons.
She still hasn't rolled from her back to her front.
She also started eating food (as you saw in the video) and she LOVES it.

The next big thing that has happened is that I went home to North Carolina for my Spring Break. I had a break from school and Adam had a TON to catch up on and to finish since his semester was at the very end.

So Mackenzie and I went home to NC and has a wonderful time. She loved hanging out with Papa (my grandfather). He is so good with kids. Mackenzie laughed at him basically the whole time he was around. In this picture Uncle Booba (Cameron) let Mackenzie try on his beany. She thought it was funny.

Mackenzie also LOVED watching Papa.

Mackenzie is having a little bit of a hard time going to the bathroom now that she has started solids, so she has been getting a bottle of apple juice/water everyday. She wants to do it all by herself and a lot of the time wants to use her feet to hold the bottle.

While we were at home, my mom and I had fun painting Mackenzie's toe nails. She is such a wiggly worm. It took both of us to get the nails painted. I entertained and held her while Mom painted. None of the pictures really turned out, but this is the best one for now.

She loves her high chair. I love it when Mackenzie finishes eating and just hangs out and throws her feet up.
Isn't she precious!
Mackenzie wanted Daddy's apple when he was done, so she played with it for about 20 minutes.


Violet and Thomas said...

that is great that yiu got to go home for a visit.

They grow up so fast don't they. She looks like such a sweet little girl!

Joycious said...

Thanks for posting! We miss you both so much. Please come back soon! Darling pictures of our Mackenzie....keep them coming. Congrats to Adam on his graduation.

Love you,