Monday, April 9, 2012


This is one of the greatest things I have ever discovered!  Couponing is seriously legally stealing from stores.

I have had some of the greatest finds in the last few weeks that I have started really couponing.

This is my latest find!!!

Everything in this picture cost only 33.50!!!!

Here is the breakdown...
- Windex multipurpose .99
- 2 degree deodorant 2.50
- 4 suave deodorant FREE
- 10 carefree 20 pack pads (200 total pads) FREE
- 14 bic razors $2
- 2 colgate toothpaste FREE
- 2 colgate toothbrushes .20 each
- 4 glade spray FREE
- 1 infant advil $3
- 2 toll house precut cookies .75 each
- 1 febreeze .49
- 2 downy fabric softener 3.49 each
- 4 scrubbing bubbles .99 each
- 4 lever 2000 bars of soap FREE
- 2 kotex U pads .20 each
- 4- 33.8 oz. Head and Shoulders shampoo 2.50 each!!!!  (and this is the huge one with the pump..)

This is soooooo much fun!

Friday, April 6, 2012

And my phone dump

Tanner only 2 months old

Tanner 2 months old

Kenzie dog sitting (it was her best friend for the day).

Happy Halloween

Bowling Fun

So excited to be getting food.

Tanner and Grandma at the bowling alley

Kenzie driving cousin Kaden

Kenzie having fun at Gigi's neighbors "park"....and seeing my house in the background makes me miss all the space I had growing in a big city means you are on top of people!

before my haircut in January...

After my haircut...why do I let it grow out?

Bath time kids LOVE the tub.

I found this old picture of Mackenzie's first spaghetti

Tanner loves to climb on Mackenzie

I am so glad they get along

They love each other

ready for church on Sunday

Kenzie's sleep

Twice in one week I got Mackenzie to take a nap (it was actually quite time, but I told her if she got sleepy she could lay down)...that was a miracle in and of itself!  But when she was quite for a while I went to check on her, and this is what I found.

Tanner's crawl...

Tanner has come a long way in the growing up you can probably guess since it has been 4 months since I blogged....

But he is all over the place now and growing so fast....I am trying to catch some things up...I know I won't get everything in, since I have not kept up with the blog.

But in December he was swimming...

In February, he began crawling...this is the first day he figured out how to move his legs and arms at the same time.

And this is him about a month ago...he has no problem getting around!

Disney on Ice

While my mom (Gigi) was here, Disney on Ice happened to be here as well.  We decided to take Mackenzie because we knew she would love it...And love it she did.  She still talks about it everyday.  It was such a fun show to see and we were actually sitting in the second row!  So we had GREAT seats.  At the end of the show Mackenzie even got to stand beside the ice and shake hands with many of the disney characters as they were doing their final bows and saying goodbye! 

What a great experience to share with Kenz and Gigi...and Thanks to Adam for staying home with Tanner.  For any of you out there thinking of doing something like this with their kids.....WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH TO CARE!!!  There were so many parents there who brought their 2 years and under children...and the show was not fun for them.  There were a few loud booms and lights flashing and other things.  The babies were not happy to be there.  It is so worth a babysitter so the older kids can enjoy the show. 

There was a group sitting right behind us with 5 adults (parents, grandparents, etc.  and 1 child who was maybe 18 months old) who didn't even make it through the show.  The baby was crying and then hungry and then wanted to walk...I glanced back a few times andn the parents were miserable!  So my advice ...stay home until you all can enjoy it or you will be wasting a LOT of money!

So anyways, here are just a few videos I made...the quality is horrible, but oh get what you get.  I was trying to enjoy the show too.

This one is cute just because Kenzie was sooo into the show.  She really loved it!

3 month camera dump!

Sorry, I am not really going to catch you up with my life, but I will comment on most of the pictures....


We cut down about 10 trees in our back yard that had beetles...It was a big job, but some of Adam's friends helped us out!

Tanner stuck his hand in a boiling hot bowl of grits (YES GRITS)  he had to get wrapped because his hand was blistered.  I felt HORRIBLE!

Kenz got to decorate her own mini tree in her room.  So was so excited!

This is what happens to a Christmas tree when you give a 3 year old ornaments and tell her to hang them where ever she wants.

Trying to get 2 kids to pose is not very easy!

Kenzie with her friend Easton at the Christmas party/breakfast.

Tanner at 8 months...

Here come Santa Claus.

The kids opening some presents a few days before Christmas

Santa brought Kenzie lots of princess clothes!

Tanner at 9 months.  He is getting very long.  He is 10th percentile in weight and 60th in height!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Picture Update...

I have about given up on blogging.  I just don't seem to find the time anymore.  I know many of you like to see my kids and how they are growing, and hear the funny stories about them...but my life seems to be sooo crazy with 2.  And by the time I get Tanner to sleep and fight Mackenzie for hours to go to bed, I am so tired I just go to sleep too.  Blogging is the last thing on my mind.  But we will see if I start doing any better.  I am sure I won't during Christmas because we will be traveling all over, but just keep checking in!

So here is an update in pictures...

The kids are with Santa at our church Christmas breakfast

Kenzie hanging out with one of her friends...they are singing songs from the hymn book. haha

Ready to play in the snow...When Adam came home from work she raced to get her clothes on so he would play with her outside!

Snow Angel

The snowman named Chocolate...yeah, she named him.

Tanner's favorite place to sit on the couch.

Enjoying his toy on the couch.

Tanner's first time in the jumper...he has loved it from the beginning

I burned Tanner's hand...long story short...he stuck his hand in Mackenzie's grits right when I took them out of the microwave.  They stuck to his hand and he had blisters on his 3 middle fingers.  I was so upset and so was he for hours.

Kenzie got a tree to put in her room.

The finished product.

This is what you get when  3 year old decorates your Christmas tree....all the ornaments on one branch.

Cute kids in front of the tree

Tanner sitting up on his own...he loves it!
So here is an update in pictures.

I am waiting for the videos to be loaded and Tanner is waking from his nap, so I will do a separate post with videos!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Sweetest Conversation

Tonight I was putting Mackenzie to bed and she has been having major problems with "scaries" in her room at night.  We have tried everything and it hasn't really helped. 
But as I was putting her down for the 3rd time I told her she really needed to go to bed...I had checked everywhere and there were no scaries.  So then here is our conversation.
Me: Remember if you get scared just ask Heavenly Father to help you feel safe.
Kenz: I already did, but what is his number in case I need him again.
Me: He doesn't have a number, just say a prayer and he will be there.
Kenz: Well which number is his? Cause I will call him and talk to him.
Me: Honey, he doesn't have a number...just say a prayer and I promise he will be here and make you feel all better.
Kenz: I bet he has a cell phone so you need to find his number so I can call him.  Which number do I press on your phone? (I have the people she would normally call on speed dial, so she knows which number to press to call them).
Me: Ok, I will call him. (I pick up my phone and pretend to talk to Heavenly Father and tell her that he is on his way.
Kenz: Let me have the phone. (I give her the phone... She puts it up to her ear and  starts talking...after silence...) Mom he isn't on the phone.  You told a fib (we have been working on truth and fib). You need to call him right now!
Me: Honey I can't call him we can only talk to him by saying a prayer.  Do you want me to say a prayer with you?
Kenz: No, I just want you to find his cell phone number so I can talk to him and tell him I need him to come lay with me tonight.
I just love my little girl.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Free Entertainment

Happy Halloween

We had a great time this year for Halloween.  On Friday night, we had a party at church.  We did trunk-or-treat, and Kenzie thought it was soooo fun. 

Then on Halloween we went Trick-or-treating with a group of friends.  Mackenzie was the oldest and pooped out the quickest.  We thought she would definetely last the longest because she had been so excited about Halloween and dressing up and everything.  But that day she didn't take a good nap and she was just really tired and moody.

But here are some cute pictures of the festivities!

Pumpkin Carving!!!

She liked cleaning it out!

This is what Kenzie did the whole time Daddy was carving the pumpkin.

Happy Halloween

The kids had to stop by the park on the way to the first house.

Kenzie wanted to open the storm door to knock on the main door.

Tanner the dragon and Kenzie the damsel in distress (because of the dragon!)

What a precious dragon