Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas in New Jersey

We had a great time at Christmas in New Jersey with Adam's family. I haven't had a chance to put up pictures, or tell about our trip, so here goes. The trip started out interesting because we flew on the red eye and got there very early on Christmas Eve. We had a family come over that night to be with us at dinner. This is a Christmas tradition for Adam's family. They also do a talent show that night to get everyone to share their talents with everyone. We were only able to stay for 6 days due to work, but we had a great time. Christmas morning was so much fun and we were able to spend the morning with Adam's family, which we haven't done yet. This is our first Christmas Day with his family. Here are some pictures of the family opening presents. I also have a few pictures of the talent show night. Adam's brother got us all to do a musical thing that was really funny. We each had a whistle that had a certain pitch. Then there was a director that had music in front of them. The whistles played all these different tunes if we blew at the right time. It really was cute. But here are the pictures.


Carly said...

Meredith, I thought I left a comment a while ago about this. Are you related to the blonde girl in the picture named Jena, or was she the family that your in-laws invited over? She's my old roommate. How random is that? I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas and hope to see you soon.

Merde said...

She was the family we invited over. They just moved to New Jersey and weren't able to go see any family for Christmas, so she, her husband and sons came over to be with us. The world really is a small place!