Monday, January 7, 2008

One word to learn...Emergency

Being an apartment manager with Adam, we have realized one very important fact. BYU students may have the reputation of being smart and whatnot, but I BEG TO DIFFER!!! We have a sign on our office door, and I also tell every person this statement as they are moving in...only call this number in case of EMERGENCY!!! I have given them Adam's phone number because we need to know if there is a REAL emergency, but no one seems to understand that.

To these really smart BYU students, emergency means the following
-I don't know how much rent I need to pay
-I just have a question for you
-I have a friend who wants to move into the apartments...can you help
-I have gone out of town and need to pay rent late, is that OK
-Our sink is clogged and we want it fixed
-Our toilet runs every so often and the noise is bothering us
-I want to sell my contract
-My car got towed (by a towing company that you guys don't control and can do NOTHING about. I parked without permission and have to pay the $100 to get it out, but I want you to take care of me (BOO WHO)!!!)

Since when are any of these EMERGENCIES!!!

I now have to put a note around for all the apartments to explain what an emergency is. Do they not understand that we have office hours every weekday, an office phone and answering machine, maintenance forms right outside the office. All of these things are for every ones convenience. If I am in my apartment enjoying a nice evening with my husband I am not going to be able to tell you how much rent you owe, if we have any openings and where, or whatever your issue is. That is what the office is for...CALL THERE AND LEAVE A MESSAGE!

Sorry for the rant, but I thought I would share with you all how smart our tenants are.


Sassy Cassie said...

Hey BYU students are book smart no one ever said anything about common sense. You have to LEAVE Utah to acquire that! (no offense anyone that may be a Utah-lifer)

Jeff & Michelle said...

To defend my alma mater, not all those tenants are BYU students. :) But yeah, funny. Well, probably not very funny to you!!!

Hailey said...

Hey it is Hailey Hill (Hailey Lafone now) :-) from La Grange. How are you? Anna found you on Facebook and I got your blog address off of that. Seems like you and Adam are doing well. I didn't realize that you had a blogspot. I use this to update everyone on Caroline. Yes, I got married and had a little girl. Caroline is 17 months now. She is adorable. I love married life and Mommy life. Anyway, let me know how you are doing. Hope to talk to you soon! Hailey