Monday, August 10, 2009

A little more

Some things I forgot to mention...

Mackenzie gives high 5's whenever you put your hand out or even when you ask her.

She also loves to give kisses again. I just say give Mommy kisses, and she leans over with an open mouth and "kisses" me.

She still loves her bath, and no matter how mad she is at night because she is tired, she lights up when we put her in the bathtub.

She is also into EVERYTHING! She loves the trash, toilet paper, cabinets in the kitchen, etc. She wants to get her hands on anything and everything.

1 comment:

Joycious said...

I have to laugh about her being into everything. I told you life would change once she started crawling. I can just imagine her going into all your cabinets, and "cleaning off" the shelves, and especially rolling the toilet paper off the roll. You might want to put it on the back of the toilet for a while. Fun times!!