Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back in NC

So I have taken yet another trip to NC.  I have a little less than a week left here and we have had a blast.  This trip we actually have done a lot with Mackenzie.  When we come home, normally we just hang out a lot.  Yes, we do fun things, but this time we have made a special effort to really DO things.  This has also helped me to remember to bring my camera or to just have it around.  So here are some highlights from the trip so far...

Get ready for picture OVERLOAD!

The first few days we were here, Mackenzie was really not feeling well.  She actually was throwing up on Sunday (We flew in here Monday), but we decided to fly anyway.  She just slept the entire flight and I felt so bad for her.  She didn't throw up anymore that day, but she was just soooo lathargic.  She was kinda out of it for about 3 days.  She was just trying to get over being sick.  She needed a lot of Mommy cuddling and loves, but luckily no one else, including me, got sick.  Then we she was feeling better and actually eating real food, we started to have some fun.

We went out to Grandma and Grandpa Reese's grave to put out new pretty flowers with Gigi.  She never got to meet them, but at least she can make their headstone pretty.


Then we tried on lots of new clothes that Gigi bought for summer.  She wanted to model a pair of her new PJ's for me.

We needed to see the flower on her shirt.

Don't ask about the thing she is leaning on...She thought it would be cute.

 Then as we have driven through town...we realized how pretty spring is here...

Poppy helped Mackenzie plant some tomato plants behind the house.

The next day she ask Poppy if there were any tomatoes yet.  This girl LOVES to eat tomatoes.

Gigi had some strawberries that we cut up and Mackenzie made some whipped cream.  She thought it was a very fun job.

On Saturday Gigi had to be out of town helping with a wedding reception, so Poppy, Uncle Chad, Mackenzie and I ran lots of errands.  One of those errands happened to be stopping by a feed store where they were selling bunnies, baby ducks, and chicks, etc.  Mackenzie thought they were just so cute.  She got to hold a baby bunny and a baby duck.

That same day, Mackenzie was getting a little restless after her nap because we weren't running and doing lots, so Poppy took her out on the front swing to heng out.  This is what I saw when I went to see what they were up to (they were out there for at least half an hour.

How precious?
We have also been to the park twice with a little friend.  My best friend from middle school has a little girl who is Mackenzie's age, so we have met at the park twice to play.  This is them on the alligator.  The only bad thing is there is a little train out there that the kids can ride on and it has been closed both times we have gone.  Mackenzie was really sad, so hopefully next time we go out there she will get her chance to ride on it.

Mackenzie's little cousin Kaden is finally back.  Katie and Kaden went to see her parents for a couple weeks and it happened to be when we were here.  We are just glad they weren't gone the whole time.  So Mackenzie is having a great time playing with her baby cousin who is as big as she is!

Mackenzie also wanted to help Poppy in the yard the other day.  So she ran out there (without my knowledge) to help him.  He brought her back inside because it was a little chilly and this is what we could get her to wear.  She was worried Poppy would finish before she got dressed, so we threw on her tennis shoes and a jacket over her gown so she could help.

Last night Katie, Chad, and Kaden came over and we made sugar cookies to decorate for Easter.  Mackenzie had a great time using the cookie cutters and also picking out which sprinkles to use.  Can you tell with that face?

Then today Gigi, Poppy, Mackenzie and I all went to the beach for the day.  We figure Mackenzie would only last an hur or so on the beach and get tired of it, but we were wrong.  At first she didn't like the sand or the water.  I was worried that coming was a bad idea at this point just because if Mackenzie didn't like it, it would have been a wasted hour drive.  But after a little time and playing she decided getting dirty wasn't such a bad thing.  The water was COLD but she didn't care.  She was shivering by the end because she didn't want to get out.  But she had the best time.

Still trying to figure out if she should get her feet wet.

Taking a snack break with her cool sunglasses like Mom.

She had to have a place to wash her hands and shovels.

Burying Poppy's feet.

Putting sand into her washing bucket.

This is when she figured out the water wasn't so bad.  Can you see that smile?

True happiness!

Thanks Poppy for being a good sport...Mommy was not up for all that.

And that is our trip so far in a nut shell.  More to come soon.  I really need to catch up on everything else that we have done before we got to NC.


Katie said...

Cute photos! Such great North Carolina adventures. I wish you were closer, so we could have them more often =-) said...

We're having so much fun for sure! Wish you could stay longer! Loved this post with all the pics!

Alison Russell said...

So it's been bothering me for a while, but I can't remember what she was calling Adam, "sugar daddy?" while we were there. Now my brain just won't forget about it, even though it doesn't matter, until I know what the correct nickname was.

Oh, and spring looks so nice, wish we were having some here. (Rain and snow for 4 straight weeks with highs in the 50s if we're lucky)

Mackenzie looks so cute, and I just love her ecstatic expression looking at the baby duck, although she looks like she's having a blast in all of the pictures.

By the way, when is the baby's blessing again? Did you have an exact date?

Meredith said...


It was sugar bear that she was calling him. And the baby blessing is going to be on July 10.

Jenna Jaye said...

Love the pics, they are SO cute! I am so glad I got to see you both while you were in NC. Keep updating...this is how I get to keep up with you :)

Jeff & Michelle said...

I LOVE the pictures! She sure has grown up! And it looks like you are having so much fun with family - I'm a bit jealous! ;) Nathan and Mackenzie would have so much fun eating tomatoes and playing on the beach together! Maybe some day...