Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1 Week

I can't believe Tanner has already been here for 1 week.  I feel like he just got here, but also that he has been apart of our lives for soooo long.  He is sleeping most of the time and has been a really easy baby so far.  He wakes up about 2 times every night to eat and then just passes back out.  He is nursing really well and has just been so chill.  I am so thankful for a chill baby!!!! 

Mackenzie is still being so good with him.  She just wants him to be awake more than he is.  We keep telling her that in a few weeks he will want to "play" more, but she just has to wait a little longer. 

It is also just so great to have my mom here right now.  She is soo busy cleaning and doing laundry, cooking when we don't have meals coming in from church, and just helping with everything we need.  I am able to rest and just let myself heal while she is here.  Adam is back at work, so this has been great. 

I feel tons better and will soon be back to normal activity.  The only thing is my body just has to get used to no sleep again.  I have had a little bit of a headache lately, and I can tell it is just from the lack of sleep.  But that is what happens when you have a new born right?!? 

He also got his first bath at home and Mackenzie of course had to help.  Here are a few pictures...

Mackenzie has also gotten to enjoy her new pool.

Tanner went outside to chill while Mackenzie was "swimming".

Also having Tanner around has taught Mackenzie a few new things....

Yes, she is nursing her bear.

And here is our little boy at one week!


Jeff & Michelle said...

Love the pic of Mackenzie nursing her bear! She has adjusted so well - very cute!

Katie said...

Darling photos. I love that the outfit Kaden could never wear is big on Tanner, lol. Also, I love the photos of Tanner's bath. Mackenzie was not about to miss out on that action! She is such a sweet big sister!