Monday, November 19, 2007

Almost T-Day

I can't believe we are getting so close to a great holiday. We get to go to Phoenix this year which has kinda become a tradition. I have an Aunt and Uncle who live down there and Adam and I also have friends who live there. This will be the first year that Adam and I actually go together, but we have been going separately for a couple years, before we got married. He goes to visit his friends and I go to visit family. My family also flies out from North Carolina, so I get to see them too, YAY!!! We are leaving tomorrow and it will be a long drive but I can't wait to get away from Provo. This should be such a fun week to see all my family. One thing that is so awesome with going down to visit, is that my Aunt Pam (the one we are going to visit) claims that she and Marie Calendar work together in the kitchen for hours making pies. Which literally translates into she goes and buys a lot of pies that are so good. By a lot of pies I really mean a LOT of pies. I am surprised I don't gain 15 pounds down there. Her T-Day meal is so good. I will have to put up some pics of the trip and the dinner when we get back!

I hope everyone has a GREAT hoilday!

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Jeff & Michelle said...

How fun!! Have a great trip!! We are excited to see you guys at Christmas!