Monday, November 19, 2007

We hit a milestone!

We are so excited because we have hit a milestone in our pet owning life. As many of you know, Cassie and Jonny (our really good friends) have a bird. They got it at the beginning of the summer. Well, they talked about how cute and fun their bird was. When they came back this summer and met their new friend, I fell in love. I decided I needed one too. Adam just laughed, but I really wanted it, so he said go ahead. We have both been a little sad cause our bird was scared to death of us. Tonight we decided to let the bird out of the cage and after having him out for a few minutes I tried pick him up. He was a little afraid to begin with, but he did step up on my hand. He actually got comfortable and didn't mind being on my hand. Then, Adam wanted a try. Spritz, our bird, stepped onto his hand as well. Here is a picture of our little friend. We can't wait for him to be completely comfortable with being around us.