Monday, November 12, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Well, Cassie has tagged me and so I understand...I am supposed to write 6 things about me that you may or may not know, so here goes.

(Please don't judge me)

1. I am completely obsessed with school supplies. I don't know how this started, but it has basically been forever. When shopping with my mom for school stuff when I was little, I would spend more money at the beginning of the year than all three of my brothers put together. My mom always thought it was funny, but I just had to get everything! I still have that obsession. When I come across a cute package of pens, markers, papers, or stickers I just want to buy them. Adam knows that when we go to the "office supply" section of a store he has to get what he or I needs and grab me to get us out of the store. It is a sickness I tell you!

2. I really can't leave Walmart without spending at least $50. I may go in just for a $2 item, but then remember I need 20 more things. We have now decided that we don't go into Walmart without a good list and cash. I don't bring a debit card in, so I only have a certain amount of money I can spend.

3. I absolutely love redecorating/moving. We have been in our apartment now for only 9 months and I am tired of it. I think the biggest problem is I just don't like things to stay the same. We have moved our living room around a few times and I begged Adam to help me move the kitchen around, but he just laughed at me. So I decided, when the opportunity presented itself, that we are going to move again. We are basically just moving next door, but it is the fact that I can move and change things. Most people think this is just a hassle to move all their stuff, but I love it. I have been packing and we are moving in about 2 weeks.

4. If I didn't have my cell phone in my hand, I don't know if I could really breathe. I have my phone with me all the time. I love to keep in touch with my family and I am scared people may need/want to talk to me, so if they call, I have to answer the phone.

5. I love to sing! Whether it be in church, to the radio, or while playing games with Jonny and Cassie, I love it. I absolutely love music. It makes me so happy. The weirdest thing about this, is even though singing was my talent in a "pageant" and I have done it is church choirs, with the drama program in high school, etc. I can't read music. I have to listen to the music and I can catch on extremely quickly, but I can't read a note. I did take a piano class in college, but I haven't kept up with it, but even in that class it was hard for me to read the music. I just listened to the teacher play the songs and I found the notes to match.

6. I love Christmas music. I would listen to it all year round if I wouldn't get made fun of. I took my sister-in-law Katie's suggestion and listen to Christmas music on Adam just shook his head the other day when I told him. He thinks it is so funny. Last night I actually was trying to sing Christmas carols while playing a game at Cassie and Jonny's, but they all told me I needed to stop. That it is just way to early for that kind of music. But Christmas just makes me happy, so the earlier the better.

Well, I hope you all now know me a little bit better than you did before.

Once again I ask, please don't judge me!

If you haven't been tagged I am tagging you now! (Katie, Michelle, Ali, Amy)

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Katie said...

YEA FOR CHRISTMAS MUSIC . . . and didn't lie. It is amazing, no?