Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thanksgiving Adventures

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. We have just been so busy. We had a great time at Thanksgiving in Phoenix with all of the family! It just didn't last long enough. It was so fun to be able to sleep in if I wanted to (although I woke up early every morning for no apparent reason). We had an amazing meal with like 30 people there. The weather was perfect. We were able to eat outside on the patio and just enjoy ourselves instead of being locked up inside a house with that many people because the weather was amazing. I wouldn't mind living there for just these few months. I could never make it in the summer though. Anyways, I think the best part about the whole long weekend was the shopping. Aunt Pam, Mom, Katie (my sister-in-law, but more like a sister) and I all jumped in the car at about 11:30 on Thanksgiving night cause for some strange reason we thought it would be fun to hit the deals at the outlet mall at midnight. That was the biggest waste of time. I came back exhausted and completely empty handed. We then went on Friday (at a decent time...around 9 AM) to shop at the "real" stores. We did get a few good deals. I got some fun cute clothes and so did everyone else. I don't normally do the whole Black Friday shopping thing and I don't know if I ever will again unless Katie wants me to go again. She better know I love her to get in all that mess. But we had a great time until I got a terrible headache and made everyone go home. WHAT A BLAST!

Then on Saturday we met up with a friend of Adam's to go 4-wheeling. That was so much fun. We went in a dried up river bed. There were tons of people out there, but we had a great time on our own.

We had a wonderful trip, but when we left we were all exhausted. Everyone slept on the car ride home, except Adam of course. He was the one who had to get us home. I love vacations, but I always feel that I need a full day to recover. It never seems to happen that way though.

I will really miss Thanksgivings in Phoenix!

If you want to see a great list of why Thanksgiving was such a blast (Top Ten of Turkey Time), check out Katie's blog there is a link from my blog!

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Katie said...

Poor Adam! He was such a trooper driving the whole way. You got lots of goods on Friday during the actual day, so I think it was definitely worth it!