Thursday, December 20, 2007

The very sad Tree

So I would just like to announce to everyone the inevitable has happened. Our poor, poor Christmas tree has seen its last drink of water. I told you have were having issues with our tree, but it has continued to go down hill. We have learned that no matter what you MUST cut off the bottom of the tree. Also check your water level after that about every hour. For some reason when we cut the bottom of the tree the first time (after we realized it was dying), the we filled up the water, but it was gone within like an hour or 2. So after we realized the water was gone it was too late. The tree continued to die because it was not drinking. Then we decided to try this trick one more time. When Alison was at our house, we tried to cut the tree one more time. Well, it hasn't changed anything. OUR TREE IS DEAD!!! Maybe we just weren't meant to have a real tree? But they look so pretty and smell so good. We may have to try again next year, I guess it just depends on how high our ceiling are since we will still be in PROVO!

PS I get out of school today. HALLELUJAH for Christmas Break!!!!!!

We are heading out to NJ very soon and we can't wait!


Katie said...

Ours has stayed beautiful for a while, but last night I realized it's starting to feel a little dry. Plus, the top strands of lights have decided they don't want to work anymore. It makes me SO MAD! All that time putting up the stupid lights, and now only half of them are working. It makes it look a little whitetrash when it's lit. But when it's not lit, it's just not the same.

Merde said...


I don't want to hear it. You aren't even the one who puts on the lights. We have a dead tree and I had to put the lights on myself, cause I know how I want it done.