Monday, February 25, 2008

The Art of Losing

You know, my dad taught all of us kids early in life to be competitive. It is just in his blood, he can't help himself. We knew that when we beat him at something...we actually could say we beat him. He didn't let us win and he didn't try to do poorly. This has taught us to do the best we can, but it has plagued some of us! Whenever Adam and I play games, non matter what the game I just have to win. I hate losing to Adam. Most guys when they are dating, they try to be nice and let the girl win to make them feel good. Well, Adam has known from the beginning, he better do his best, because I don't want to win unless I really WIN! Well, I am actually pretty good at beating him. He probably doesn't want me telling everyone this, but I can beat him at ping-pong, putt-putt, pool (on a very good day), and I even beat him on one hole of a par 3 golf course. Don't get me wrong about the golf thing...It was only on one hole and because I got lucky. If he adds to this blog later sorry! But on Valentine's Day he had class and we had both worked all day, so we hadn't planned anything special. We decided just to go to Chili's to eat dinner with the other mass of people. Luckily we got there about 5:30 before the crowds entered. Then Adam decides to challenge me to a game of putt-putt. I completely am all for this because what would make the day better than for me to beat him at putt-putt. Well I did well on the first 9. I was beating him by like 2 strokes. Then something happened. I just can't explain it. I felt as if I should let Adam win. Maybe I just wanted to give him a confidence booster. (just kidding honey! you one fair and square). But he actually beat me. This was very disappointing. I was kinda sad, but I promise I am not a sore loser. But anyways, I just thought I would share my competitive Valentine's day with you! I even have a picture that I will post later that was taken at the end of the game. I am very sad!


Jeffery said...

Hahahah...that is a great story :)

Jeffery said...

This is also Mishi...oops