Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Catching up!

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I have just been lazy. So I thought I would tell you a couple of fun things that have happened in the last month or so. The biggest thing is some of our friends came up for the weekend from Phoenix and Enterprise (a little town near St. George). They came up to go to a Suns vs. Jaz game and then to go skiing. So on Thursday night we went to the Jaz/Suns game with a big group of people. It was actually kinda cool because someone had hooked us up. We actually got to go out on the court before the game to be the people who line up to slap hands when the players run out onto the court from the locker room. We got to see the Suns players up close and personal.
Then the next day we went skiing at Brighton Mountain Resort. Yes, I brought my camera, but forgot to take any pictures. I was too worried about staying up on my skiis. I got tired very quickly, but Adam and others enjoyed skiing the slopes all afternoon. We had a blast just hanging out and skiing. I guess next time we go I will have to remember to take pictures. Oh well!


Jeff & Michelle said...

I love how you couldn't decide which team to support so you just wore both shirts! haha nice :)

Merde said...

Let me explain the two shirt thing. To go out on the floor you had to have a Jaz shirt on. It was a security thing. So we were wearing Suns shirts for the game. The group we were with were die hard Suns fans. We really weren't cheering for either team though, so we were just there really to watch the game.

Mother Goose said...

I love the shirt thing too!

We lived in Long Beach less than two years ago, and while we were there we did see several missionaries riding around on bikes. Maybe we saw your brother!

I think you should talk Jonny and Cassie into coming to visit us and you guys can come and enjoy the warmer weather too!