Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Great Surprise

Well, now that you know my dad taught me to be competitive, I will now tell you that my mom taught me to be frugal. Don't get me wrong, she loves to shop and everything, but she loves SALES! Many people will laugh, but it is true. You need to hear this story.
My mom taught me that there is no point in spending a lot of money on something if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. When you shop with my mom you go to places like Ross, TJ Max, Stein Mart and you ALWAYS go straight for the clearance racks!

Well something else that I have carried with me is that on Valentine's Day flowers are just WAY too expensive. The stores jack up the prices for the one day and EVERYONE spends tons of money to get flowers. Well I told Adam that I really didn't want flowers on Valentines Day, but I wouldn't mind them a week or two later.

He has listened to me! He didn't get me flowers on Valentine's Day, but I walked in from work today and on our kitchen table was a beautiful spring bouquet. I am not a "roses" girl. I LOVE spring bouquets. My favorite flower is a Daisy!

Well here are the flowers! Yay for pretty, wonderful smelling, colorful FLOWERS!


Jeff & Michelle said...

Ohhhhh...that is sooo cute! What a nice surprise!!! I am so with you on that...V-day flowers are outrageous...which is why I thought Jeff didn't buy them for me and we didn't do anything on Valentine's day, but well, you know where that got me :)

Wendi said...

How thoughtful! What a nice guy, that Adam. Well done. Now would you call Chad and tell him about it? lol!

Merde said...

yeah Wendi, I will get right on that!

Ashley said...

These are beautiful! better never call me that!! haha~