Monday, March 30, 2009

Such a CUTE Sunday Dress

Isn't this the cutest dress?!?! I love it! I just wish it was warm enough that we didn't have to put her in a long sleeve onesie and then a sweater and tights also! WHEN WILL SPRING/SUMMER GET HERE!


Jeff & Michelle said...

Since you don't post pictures every second like I do, every time I see a picture of her she looks SOOO different! I love this one! She's adorable!!! And she is getting cute little round cheeks. Love it!

Katie said...

And THAT'S why you had to buy the green dress. The end!

Joycious said...

If you weren't coming home soon, I'd be on a plane right away. We're counting the days. As usual, she is adorable in that outfit. (And yes, I am partial....). Thanks for posting. More pics please?????

Love you,

KareBear said...

Just precious!