Friday, April 6, 2012

Disney on Ice

While my mom (Gigi) was here, Disney on Ice happened to be here as well.  We decided to take Mackenzie because we knew she would love it...And love it she did.  She still talks about it everyday.  It was such a fun show to see and we were actually sitting in the second row!  So we had GREAT seats.  At the end of the show Mackenzie even got to stand beside the ice and shake hands with many of the disney characters as they were doing their final bows and saying goodbye! 

What a great experience to share with Kenz and Gigi...and Thanks to Adam for staying home with Tanner.  For any of you out there thinking of doing something like this with their kids.....WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH TO CARE!!!  There were so many parents there who brought their 2 years and under children...and the show was not fun for them.  There were a few loud booms and lights flashing and other things.  The babies were not happy to be there.  It is so worth a babysitter so the older kids can enjoy the show. 

There was a group sitting right behind us with 5 adults (parents, grandparents, etc.  and 1 child who was maybe 18 months old) who didn't even make it through the show.  The baby was crying and then hungry and then wanted to walk...I glanced back a few times andn the parents were miserable!  So my advice ...stay home until you all can enjoy it or you will be wasting a LOT of money!

So anyways, here are just a few videos I made...the quality is horrible, but oh get what you get.  I was trying to enjoy the show too.

This one is cute just because Kenzie was sooo into the show.  She really loved it!

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