Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our lives for the last month or so

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. This whole buying a house at Christmas tme was probably not the smartest idea. We have been sooooo busy trying to get into the house.

So we closed on the house on Nov. 24. Then we got started working as hard as we could. I will actually post before and after pictures of all the rooms because we have changed and fixed EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE!!! We are exhausted and still have more work to do.

We had Thanksgiving with a coule of friends here in Denver and then quickly got back to work on the house. It was great to have a big Thankgiving meal with friends, if you can't be with family.

Then the Tuesday after Thanksgiving my wonderful mom flew out here to help me pick out paint and start really working on the house (not just the stuff we had to have professionals do). We got lots of samples to find the right colors, but when we did my dad flew in on Wednesday night to help with the actual paint process. I thought they were crazy when they first mentioned it, but aren't they AWESOME!!! My dad took time off work and my mom left all her responsibilities to come and paint a whole house. Every surface was painted. Every ceiling got 3 coats of white, every wall got 1 or 2 coats (depending on what color the wall was before) and all the molding in the house got painted. My dad did all the ceilings and almost all the trim everywhere while adam rolled a ton of the walls, I cut in , and my mom worked wherever we needed her. She also watched Mackenzie a ton while my WONDERFUL friend Jessica watched her the other times. Jessica's house was Mackenzie's "nap house" for a few days. She would go there for her naps so everyone else could work.

My parents had to leave on Sunday morning which was sad, but we got so much done. The whole main floor was finished except for a few final touches.

That helped us so that we could move in the next week. We got a bunch of our friends to help us get everything out of our apartment and into our home. Luckily the apartment and house are very close because wehad to take 2 trips with the uhaul.

Now that we are in the house, we have been working on the basement. We finished painting the family room and will continue to work on the other rooms. I promise there will be before and after pictures of all the rooms when I get a chance to put them all online.

We had a great Christmas (even though we didn't get to spend it with family) and I will write more about that in the next post.

Now I am leaving to go home on Tuesday and leaving my wonderful hubby for 5 weeks. I am having Lasik surgery a week from tomorrow, and I can't wait. I will finally beable to see!!!!!

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Jeff & Michelle said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your house. It sounds like a LOT of work. How wonderful that your parents were able to come and help out and that you were able to get SO much done! I am really sad to leave our house when we move because I don't want to have to deal with the painting and everything all over again! :) Oh well, it's an adventure! We will have to come visit...some day!!