Monday, October 15, 2007

Back at work once more

Well, I am back at work once again. I have decided, I think the reason I don't absolutely love my job is that I don't get much "adult contact" all day long. I see my supervising SLP usually first thing in the morning and last thing of the school day to just check up on things and the rest of the day I am either in my room alone, or with elementary school children teaching them how to TALK RIGHT! It is fine though, I do feel at least that I am helping them to fit in and do better in school. I do get fulfillment out of that knowledge.

On a more positive note, I did just get back from Yellowstone. Adam and I have been traveling a LOT. Last weekend we were in Las Vegas to see my parents and this weekend we went camping in Yellowstone. Also, in 2 weeks, Adam is heading off again, but this time to New Orleans. He is going for a Facilities Management conference. We both just can't seem to stay home. But this past weekend was a lot of fun. I actually didn't freeze out there. It was cold and Adam continued to make fun of me for wearing a beanie all day long, but it was better to look stupid than to freeze to death. Pictures will come of the 2 trips at a later time. But we will be staying home this next weekend to maybe recover for a little while before he takes off again. I don't have anything fun to say today, so I will be off to work.

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Jeff & Michelle said...

Holy cow you guys travel all over!! One of these days, you'll have to travel to Austin, TX...because there is so much to see and, not much...but we are here!!