Friday, October 19, 2007

I will never understand

I am very sorry that I really only talk about things going on at work, but that is all I really do right now. But I have a funny little experience to share with you all. So some of our kids in speech really don't need to be in here anymore. They have worked hard over the summer and now do not need my help. It is so important for them to be in their actual classroom and learning their curriculum. So I have given out a few permission slips to the students to give to their parents to sign and bring back to me. This permission is for us to test them to make sure we can release them. We really have to get permission for EVERYTHING!!!! So 2 of my students came to talk to me yesterday and I asked them if they brought their permission slips back to school. They both kinda looked at each other with these smirks on their face. Keep in mind these are both 3rd graders who are really good friends. They had come up with, what they thought, was the ULTIMATE DIABOLICAL plan. If they didn't get their permission slip signed, they couldn't get tested, which meant they didn't have to get out of speech. For some reason most of my kids love being taken out of their classes to come do speech lessons. I try to explain that it won't be fun when they don't do well on their tests and when they don't learn everything they need to because they are being pulled out of their classes. They just don't get it.

Well, today I still have not received their permission slips...those evil buggers. I love them to death and these kids are really fun, but I don't want to keep taking them from their valuable learning time to come do something they don't need to do anymore. Yes, kids can be sneaky. For all you parents out there with kids in elementary school...a little piece of advice...check your children's backpacks EVERYDAY to ensure your children have not "forgotten" to give you something that was sent home and REALLY needs to be looked at.

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Katie said...

Yes, and parents, please continue to do that, even when your children are in HIGH SCHOOL! They never stop trying to work the system =-)