Wednesday, October 31, 2007


You know, I am kinda sad because we don't have a cute house, porch or anything we can decorate for the wonderful holiday. I don't even know if kids will come to our door to trick-or-treat tonight because there is nothing festive there. We don't even have a front light to turn on to let others know we are home. That makes me somewhat sad. But I did have a fun day at school. All the kids dressed in their costumes all day and there were fun parties and all. The best part of the day was our Halloween Parade! All the kids paraded around the school in their costumes and picked all the classes up, then they proceeded outside to march around the entire school grounds. Parents came to enjoy the event as well. It really was cute to see all the creative ideas. Sorry I just never have a camera with me, or I would have some fun pictures.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!


Katie said...

CUTE! The little pre-school trick-or-treaters came around to our classrooms. Some of my students dressed up, but it's just not as adorable when they're old, lol. I don't think we'll get trick-or-treaters either, but I bought candy...just in case...or, maybe i just wanted an excuse to buy some so I can eat it!

Jeff & Michelle said...

Oh! How fun! I love the little kids dressed up in costumes! What were some of the cute ones you saw? We had a costume contest at work...which of course meant hardly anyone dressed up. But our mail room guy did dress up as Mr. tights and all! Pretty entertaining!