Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just a quick HELLO

From our home to yours... I have fallen into the grasp of the evil blogging world. I decided that I had heard enough of "everyone's doin it" and have joined in. I am weak and peer pressure has gotten the best of me. My only excuse is that I know my mom and Adam's mom will just love to hear all about our life out here in Utah. I have nothing really to say at the moment except that I might not be able to tell you a lot about Adam's life because we actually never really see each other. Only in passing do we even get a short "hello, how was your day?" before he is off to class and I am in the office at the apartment complex working hard to keep all these needy tenants happy. This is all for now.

Two jokes to make you smile that our school secretary told over the loud speaker...

(If you aren't a BYU fan you may not enjoy these as much)

What do you call a Utah Ute with only half a brain?


What do you call a really smart person in the Rice Eccles Stadium?

A BYU Fan!

Ok those just made me laugh today so I thought I would share them with you!

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