Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have been tagged so here goes...

*10 years ago:

I was in 7th grade! Wow that seems like forever ago. I was at Frink Middle School and was a cheerleader! YAY! I was also taking a couple dance classes and I really don't remember much else. Oh, I was 12 so that means I was a BEEHIVE in Young Women's! For all who understand that...you know how exciting it can be!

*5 Things on my list to do today:

Finish all of my work at school and at the apartment complex

Lay down (11 hours of sleep a night is just not enough to get a woman through the day HAHA!)

Eat Food (this mean spaghetti of course...maybe I will expand my horizons today...NAAAA)

Watch and see who gets voted off American Idol. I really hope it is Amanda! She sounds like she has been smoking for 50 years and she is only 23...someone please explain this to me. And the skunk streaks in the hair...EWWWWWWW!

Spend some time with my great husband who I absolutely NEVER see unless we are switching the car or we are taking each other to work or school. FUN HUH!

*Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:

Buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee ( that is the car Adam and I are looking at right now)

Buy a Cabin for Adam in the Mountains whereever he wants it!

Buy a house in NC for me! My heart will always belong to NC!

Replace my entire wardrobe!

Buy millions of shoes, purses, and TONS OF JEWELRY!! I have decided these are the things to love, because no matter how much weight you gain...you can always be in style with a great pair of shoes, an amazing handbag and fun jewelry. It doesn't even have to be that expensive....just lots of choices.

Buy all the camera equipment Adam wants to continue his VERY expensive hobby!

Ok this could go on and on all day. I could buy stuff for EVERYONE!

*3 Bad Habits:

Not being able to sit still, PERIOD! (this drives Adam crazy!)

Being so emotional and wearing my heart on my sleeve! I cry about everything. I blame Mom and Nana for this one! All three of us do this very well! It is fine until you are trying to be very firm about something and then just want to completely blow up, or cry, or whatever. (Not a good thing when you are managing apartments with stupid tenants)

I like to procrastinate...enough said!

*Places I have lived:

K-Town, NC and Provo, UT. I absolutely love K-Town and am so sick of Provo I can hardly stand it anymore!!!!! Get me out of this place!

*Jobs I have had:

Does this include like high school jobs? if so here it goes...

Mowed my Grandpa's yard a few summers.
Kinston Indians food vendor, gift shop worker, etc.
Receptionist at my dad's office for many, many summers.
Applebee's Waitress in K-Town.
Security officer at the BYU library...yeah I was TOUGH!
Carpet cleaner at BYU for only a few weeks.
Aspen Grove Family Camp in the Mountains in Provo...I took care of the 0-2 year olds all summer!
Apartment Manager (currently)
Speech Technician at 2 different elementary school...if you don't know what this is, basically just think of me as a Speech Therapist without my Masters Degree. (currently)

I am sure there are more that I am missing.
You can just call me a Jack of all trades!

*Things most people don't know about me:

This is a hard one.
I love Christmas Music and would listen to it all year round if people wouldn't make fun of me.
I absolutely love American Idol and have watched it every year.
I used to absolutely LOVE ice cream (it is sad I don't like it as much anymore...maybe in a few more months...we will see).

I really don't know...I tell people everything about my life.

Ok...I'm now tagging Cassie, Alison, Katie, Michelle, Lyla, Jaz, Rebecca, and anyone else who reads this...consider your name up here!


Ashley said...

I remember you working at the Indians!! Good times...you guys definitely need to move back to NC..
Becoming a Beehive was the best because we had waited so long to get out of the Primary...Oh and right now, I'm a Primary Teacher...go figure!!~

Anonymous said...

NC is not all that and a bag o chips!!! Ok so I like NC but not as much as the people who have lived there. Maybe my heart will change this summer while I am there, who knows.

Jeff & Michelle said...

First of all, Striz, you are SO stuck in NC for the rest of your life.

Secondly, this is so fun to read and I need to fill it out soon since you tagged me. My first thought was that I can't believe you were only 12 ten years ago! I feel SOOOOO old! I also loved that Amanda got voted off after you posted this...great intuition! Do you love David Archuletta? I do! And that's soo funny... I really never thought of you as super emotional and crying about everything! I guess I don't really see that side of you! It probably comes out more with this lovely thing we call pregnancy!

Ok, now that I just wrote a novel on your blog, I am done :)

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

Ashley, I remember being so excited to get you two in YW because I was the president then w/ Fran Schettino and Sheila Ward (now in 1st ward)as my counsleors...we had Cathy Edge for a bit but she moved to 1st ward soon after...those were good times and I remember how you and Meredith wanted to have a dance for every joint act.!! haahhaha!!! too funny! I love my girls!! You know what, I think Cheryl was RS pres. and Joy was primary pres then too...too cool!