Monday, March 24, 2008

A Sunday to Remember

This is a long post that may make you laugh just a little

So Easter, I understand is supposed to be a GREAT Sunday where the speakers are wonderful, you really feel great at Church and then you have wonderful family time after church. That isn't QUITE how mine went. I will admit, some of this has to do with my heightened senses of pregnancy.

To continue...Adam and I get to church and have to sit in the awful metal chairs in the gym (our chapel is small and if you get there even a second late, all the pews are taken). Well the first speaker gets up and does a fine job. She talked about the "real" meaning of Easter, besides the Easter Bunny.

Then something HORRIBLE happens. One of the 5 babies sitting around us RUINED their diaper. Well, I smell it immediately and then Adam gets this look of disgust on his face, along with my friend Cassie, who is pregnant and was sitting with us as well. We all just think, ok the parents have to smell it and do something about it...but NO ONE MOVES!!! So as Cassie and I are smelling our hands to keep from being sick, we see 2 parents actually pick their children up to take a long, hard whiff of their child, but NO, not those children.

I just couldn't handle the smell anymore so I climb over Adam and Cassie to get out of our row and run for the door. I was really going to be sick. I go straight outside the building just to get some fresh air to calm my stomach down. Yes, it really smelled that bad. I then come back inside and sit in the foyer area and finish listening to the talk.

So then I go back and sit with Adam and Cassie to finish the meeting. The diaper was still at its best. I then decide to look in my bag and see if I had any lotion. I remembered some being in their a while ago. SCORE!!! I had cucumber melon lotion! So I get this out and slather it all over my hands and then give some to Cassie so we can both survive. Adam suggests that we rub it under our noses. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! So Cassie and I both begin rubbing it under our noses so that we really can survive.

Don't worry. We didn't do this so everyone knew what we were doing. We were very discrete about the whole thing.

So the meeting ends and then it is on to Primary.

We teach the 5 year olds and that can be SUCH A CHALLENGE!!! Adam taught the lesson and was so sad it wasn't even about Easter! But we went to sharing/singing time first and that was a disaster! Our kids wouldn't do anything we asked. THEN OFF TO CLASS!

Just to share something one kid was doing...when the primary was quiet and listening he kept "meowing" songs. YES YOU READ CORRECTLY! He would take different primary songs and instead of singing or humming the song he was MEOWING! But don't worry, Adam had to take care of him the entire time. I told him it was good training!

Talk about sugar highs! These kids had, I guess, ALL gotten and eaten their ENTIRE EASTER BASKET before they left their house that morning. We basically didn't get to even teach them anything because they wouldn't listen for even .1 seconds.

But that was our Sunday. Luckily we had a good evening. We went to dinner with some of Adam's family and my cousin. We had lots of fun and the kids even did a little Easter egg hunt after dinner. It was great being with everyone.

Doesn't that just make you tired! I was pooped by the end of the day!


Ashley said...

wow!! i think i would have said something. that's terrible that they didn't take that baby out. isn't primary just great?! haha..i have this "look" that i give to the kids..(even if they're not in my class) when they see that look they know to stop misbehaving or they're in for it...try coming up with your own "look"!! haha..i hope you feel better!

Merde said...

uhhhh, our kids could care less about "the look". I have given it to many of them. The kids just could care less about doing what they are supposed to. you "look" at them and they look back at you, misbehave more, and are like you can't tell me what to do...

Yeah those are our kids for ya!

Anonymous said...

That is terrible the parents didn't do anything about
I'm glad you had some lotin for you and your friend. I helped Stephanie and Shari in the nursery Sunday and I do have to say ALL of those kids must have eaten all their candy before they came as was interesting and it was just the nursery!

Sassy Cassie said...

You forgot to mention that one of the people directly in front of Adam and I wreaked of BO! That was probably the worst Sacrament I have ever sat through. You know whats sad? I actually think the parents knew their kid smelled so awful! It scary when your child has an 8 foot fragrance radius and you do nothing about it...

Katie said...

Oh Meredith! I am surprised you and Cassie could handle the smell in your delicate conditions =-) I seriously would have gagged. That is so gross. But it makes for a very funny story, so thanks for sharing!

Wendi said...

I think I would have excused myself to the little girls' room and lost my breakfast. I am not even I can only imagine how queezy you must have been. Sorry your Easter morning was so awful, but glad you had a nice afternoon!

Laura said...

I totally hear ya with the primary thing. I'm in primary too. I only had one kid in my class on Sunday, but 1/3 through the lesson he told me he was too tired and was bored because he had to answer all the questions. I asked him a question a little later and he refused to answer. He was so grumpy from not sleeping so he could see the Easter bunny.

Joycious said...

Okay, I know that nothing should surprise me anymore, but this is ridiculous. Are these parents that lazy or do they both have very low IQ's??? If the parents all around you are smelling their baby's bottoms, then that is a sure hint to the "guilty" parents to pick up their baby and see if their "darling little one" has a serious issue that needs to be handled immediately. I was so sick when I was pregnant, that I would have probably leaned over on the guilty parents laps and lost my breakfast along with last night's dinner. Meredith, I would have probably been a drama queen, and made sure they watched me as I left gagging and gasping for air. Next Sunday I suggest you get there early and sit on the front row with the old people.

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

I'm w/ Joy!! anything spewable would've been on the "duh" parents! did survive to tell the awful time just take some air freshner and randomly spray it towards the smell, maybe then they will get the hint!

stephanie howard said...

LOL, this was funny! Sorry you had to be the one who got sick over it, but it was funny to read anyways! Poor little baby I can only imagine the rash that will appear on there little bum due to the negligence of it's parent's! I am sorry it wasn’t the Easter you hoped for. Although mine was the usually busy sunday with children, church, preparing of food etc. it was wonderful! A beautiful sacrament, in which your mother sang, and Chad along with a couple of youth spoke. Then we enjoyed our afternoon at Chad and Wendi’s to celebrate Easter and Chase’s 12th b-day.

Charlissa said...

Merde I was laughing so hard when I read this. I think it is because I was able to picture all of you ans the faces you were all making. Haha I still laugh just thinking about it. Sorry you had to go through it but it was a great story and i wish I had been there to witness the whole ordeal.

sela said...

I'm so sorry your easter sunday wasn't the best. my ward is filled with tons of small babies and i honestly think some parents are in denial that their child has "ruined" their diaper.
i teach sunbeams and i know exactly how you feel about the sugar highs and not listening.

i love reading your blog!