Monday, May 26, 2008

23 weeks

So I have now entered my 23rd week and it is crazy how fast I am growing. I feel so huge already. Yes, I know I will continue to grow, and I know I am only at the beginning of feeling HUGE, but for now...I will just say I feel huge!

Our little girl is a foot long and a little over a pound! HOLY COW, so is still so small!

Speaking of small, I went to see my cousin's little baby girl today. She was born just a few days ago and was PRECIOUS! I got to hold her and hear the whole labor story. It was nice to hear her side as well as her husband's just so I am not as ignorant. I know it is different for everyone, but she is still alive so it gives me hope! hehe.

Well, here is my picture for the week!


Wendi said...

Very cute!
I looked at last weeks picture and this weeks. I can't see much difference. Where is the huge?

Merde said...

Yeah, the pictures aren't that different, but I still feel big. It happens when I try to bend over and reach something or just getting up from laying down...I just feel like my tummy is already in the way! But yeah, the pictures don't show much of a difference.

Hailey said...

I enjoy that you take pictures every week. You will enjoy going back and looking at them later. Feeling huge is just normal. The doctors will tell you that EVERYTHING is normal... even though NOTHING about being preggers is normal! :-) Take care! PS- I lovelovelove the new car!

Jeff & Michelle said...

I'm so happy that you are taking pictures now! But yeah, you don't even look different from the other week.

What's sad is that you feel huge now and that your belly is in the way (I remember those days)...and then in 10 weeks you will feel BEYOND huge and your belly will be BEYOND in the way and yet, it still has more growing to do. It's insane!

And yay! You get to be with Adam again soon!

Laura said...

I (or the baby) had a major growth spurt between 23 and 24 weeks. It will be interesting to see if the same thing happens to you.