Thursday, September 18, 2008

Non-Stress Test

Just a quick update...

I did the non-stress test today and well...nothing to worry about. Our little girl is staying in my tummy for a little longer. The only thing I am worried about now is her actually being in my tummy a little too long. We just want her to come to be part of our family now!!!!

Also, my MOM IS HERE!!!! We are just hoping she isn't here WAY too early. It will be so much fun to hang out, but as long as we don't have a baby I am going to have to work and leave my mommy at home. I just hope we get this little girl to come SOON!!!!! That is the next thing for all of you to pray for!


Leave It To Lyla said...

I have been worried about you all day and checked in to see if all was well and SOOO happy to see it is! I know your so happy your mom is there!! Have a blast together and stay strong will need to for all your going to do in the next few weeks! Get your rest, eat well, and stay stress free and happy!!! And don't forget that there are so many Tongans at home who love you!!! XOXOXOX Mackenzie for me!!! love you lots!

Jeff & Michelle said...

Glad it went well!!! I actually enjoy the NST (well, when there is no problem), because I would just sit there reading and watch my huge contractions on the monitor, while listening to my baby's heartbeat. And yay for your mommy being there!!! I hope your little girl comes soon! I made it to 40 weeks and it was miserable!!! I hope you don't go beyond that! Can't wait to see's just DAYS now!!! Enjoy your freedom, sleep while you can!!

Christy said...

oh man, i bet you guys are DIEING to get that baby here! i keep checking your blog to see if anything's happened... can't wait to see the nubbin.

Alison said...

holy crap you're due in 3 days.. i wanna see her as soon as i can! tell adam to call me and i'll come visit at the hospital!!!!

MAdison said...

I can't wait it is so exciting!!!
Send pics or post them
Love you,

Wendi said...

How exciting!

She will come.

She is a girl.

These things can't be rushed.

Just enjoy the time you have with your mom.

I would love some quality time with my mom sans children.

Make the most of it.

Good luck!