Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What else is going on

So I have realized that basically every blog I have written lately is about the pregnancy. Yes, that is the biggest thing going on in my life, and it is basically all I think about (considering I can't do anything without a pain or problems), but there are other things I am doing. So I have decided I should maybe write something else.

So this past weekend Adam and I felt like being productive!
In all of our productivity we decided it was time to get the oil changed in both of our cars and then we took our great jeep to get a bath!

Adam worked hard scrubbing and cleaning the car...

while I did the most important job...

watching the clock and putting coins into the machine.

This weekend we also watched a great football game. BYU played UCLA on Saturday and well, lets just say the game was a little easier to win than we expected. BYU destroyed UCLA 59-0! I have never seen us stomp a team that badly.

Well we watched the game over at Jonny and Cassie's house which is where we spend most of our time on the weekends. At their home, Adam has found a new little friend. Jonny bought a moped scooter to get him to and from school and work with gas as expensive as it is. Adam knows he can't have one, so whenever he wants, Jonny has invited him over to give the moped a little spin around the neighborhood. This is my happy husband just after returning from a ride.

Doesn't he look excited??

Well that was our weekend! Now we are back in school and at work counting the days until we have 3 people in our family!!!!!


Joycious said...

I'm excited you wrote a post about your week-end. It's nice to hear about the other things in your life. Adam looks funny on the scooter, and I'm sure he really appreciated all the "help" at the carwash. Tell him to get used to it with a new baby on the way. LOL

Love you,

Leave It To Lyla said...

love the face!! hahaha...Danny LOVES riding bikes too but, knows getting one has always been a no no in my book!!!