Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alison and Ryan Russell

Adam's little sister got married. I can't believe it. I just knew it would be at least 5 more years before we had to think of a wedding for her. She and Ryan met last year and started dating earlier this year. They were married in the Manti, UT temple on Tuesday Dec 30. It was really cold out, but still not as cold as Adam and my wedding. You can ask those who were at both...

It was a beautiful ceremony and I was so glad that Adam and I could both be there. Adam's two youngest sisters and a few other family members stayed with the babies since Joseph(3 years), Nathan(5 months) and Mackenzie were there. For those who don't know...Nathan and Joseph are my nephews.
We took pictures afterwards and Nathan and Mackenzie were not very happy about that. In some of the very first pictures they both started crying. Mackenzie was first and Nathan thought it was a good idea also.
We finally got them to sleep and they were both much happier.

Brothers and their babies
Just a little help with the pictures.

Manti Temple, where they got married.
We got stuck behind a herd of cows on the way to the wedding.

The happy couple.
Little Joseph getting his groove on with a girl he doesn't even know!
We were dancing and she passed out.
Michelle, Jeff, and Baby Nathan.

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Jeff & Michelle said...

Oh yay! Thanks for posting that picture of us...I am going to steal it! It was so much fun seeing you guys and woah you sure did post a lot today! Hurrah! :)