Thursday, January 8, 2009

Returning to Utah

We flew back to Utah on Sunday December 28. We got here extremely late and we were all exhausted. Mackenzie didn't really want to sit down on the plane and since she was a lap child, I guess that meant that I wasn't going to be sitting down either.

Have you ever had high hopes of having someone rally nice sit next to you on an airplane....yeah I used to until this trip. Since Adam and I went home to NC on different flights, our tickets were booked seperately. In this process I guess we couldn't get seats next to each other. On the flight from NC to Cincinatti we were very lucky. People were really nice and moved so that Adam could sit next to Mackenzie and I. On the second flight, we weren't so lucky. The flight was full and the agent at theh desk just told us to ask the people sitting around us and surely someone would be kind enough to move. Well, we get on the plane... The people sitting next to me were a part of a big family that were all going to Utah to ski. They didn't want to separate which I sorta understand, even though I would have moved seeing a poor mother who just wants her husband next to her to help with a little baby. Next Adam's neighbors sit down. Well, one sits down, the other just stands there like fussing the flight attendant out. She hadn't done anything to this man, bu he was frustrated at missing a flight or something. So Adam asks very politely if the man would like to move up a few rows and have the window seat because his wife and 3 month old were up there. But he just rudely looked at Adam and said I am not interested. HOW RUDE!!!!

Well after an hour of standing in the back of the plane with Mackenzie, Adam and I decide to switch places. I would sit in his seat while he held Mackenzie. He was in an aisle seat, so it was just easier. The man wh was SOOOOO rude before looked at me when I sat down. He then proceeded to try to be nice to me. I couldn't believe what he was doing. I just wanted to smack him! He started up a conversation about my little baby and told me how precious she was. BLAHBLAHBLAH. I seriously was tempted to just fuss him out for being such a butthead earlier and not switching seats with me so I could have a little help.

But we made it hear and were so tired of standing up. Adam's dad picked us up from the airport because they are out here for Adam's little sister's wedding. Alison is now Alison Russell. That is another post...

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