Friday, July 31, 2009

Update from the doctor!

We went yesterday to the Pediatric Hematologist. Instead of drawing blood from Mackenzie's arm or her foot, today they just pricked her finger.

Normally when we go to the doctor, Mackenzie freaks out and cries and hits and screams while we are getting her blood. This time she didn't hardly flinch. The nurse was so great. You can tell that she does this (draws kids blood) all the time. She was a pro. Mackenzie even got a stuffed animal from the toy closet for being so good.

The doctor looked at her blood under a microscope and did a CBC and the results are in......

All your prayers have helped SO MUCH!

Her neutrophil count is now up to 1100. The doctor told me because she is so healthy, other than her numbers, treat her like any other 10 month old. The only reason we should be concerned is if she gets a fever over 101 I need to call the doctor and get her blood drawn immediately.

We don't have to go back to anyone for another MONTH!!!! YAY FOR NO DOCTORS!!!

Her official diagnosis as of now is Benign Neutropenia!


Lyla And Company! said...

WHOOO HOOO!!! GOOD NEWS NO, MAKE THAT GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! I know you relieved Meredith and Adam! We love you all and will continue to keep her in our fasting and prayers! love from NC!!!

Jeff & Michelle said...

Wonderful news!!!

Hailey said...

That is awesome news!!

Anonymous said...

That is Amazing news Meredith!!!!!!

Heather & PJ said...

I am so excited for all the good news! I bet you feel a ton of weight off of your shoulders.

Susan said...

Hey Meredith!
Wow- I've not checked your site for a few days... what wonderful news!!!! I am so grateful for this, and the diagnosis sounds so fine!! Benign is a great word-

So wonderful.