Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mackenzie Joy Rankin

I guess I forgot in all of my exhaustion to tell those who don't know...her name!!!

Our little girl is

Mackenzie Joy Rankin!!!!

Yes, it has been 3 days and I have gotten about 12 hours MAYBE total!!!

Mackenzie loves to be held and we have already spoiled her. We are now working on letting her lay down in her bed while she sleeps during the day.

We are also trying to keep her up a little more today because we had a time last night. As we got ready to go to bed, Mackenzie decided it was play time. We didn't get any sleep again last night and when we finally tried to put her down she wouldn't go. She would only sleep in our arms. So while in my hospital bed, I sorta sat up and used a couple pillows make sure she was ok and she slept in my arm.

Pictures are still on the way. The hospital internet is not working right!


Jeff & Michelle said...

The first few days, I was just LIVING on adrenaline. I was sooo in love and just wanted to look at him all of the time. I hope you get some sleep soon...but from my experience, you probably won't... Oh well, it's still better than being pregnant! :)

Katie Clement said...

Those first couple of weeks are rough! Hang in there! Mackenzie is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! So glad everything went well. Can't wait to meet her!

P.S. Doesn't your stomach feel so weird now? Mushy?