Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who does she look like?

Adam and I have been discussing who Mackenzie looks like and we want your opinion. What features are mine and what are Adam's? Please tell us what you think.

Here is baby Adam!

Little Mackenzie!

Baby Meredith!


Hailey said...

Goodness... she looks like you both. At first I thought she looked exactly like you until I saw Adam's picture.

She definitely has your hair, your eyes, your nose.
However, she is definitely chunky like baby Adam.

She is beautiful!

Jeff & Michelle said...

First of all, she is soooo beautiful! Secondly, it is fun to see your baby pictures. It's funny how I can "see" you and Adam in your baby pictures. Cute! Ok,

I guess I am different than Hailey a little bit:

I think she definitely has your skin tone, hair (sooo cute!), and ears I think (hard to tell from the pictures). I actually think she has Adam's eyes and a mixture of your noses. It is hard for me to tell whose mouth she has from the pics.

I can't wait to watch her grow! (And to meet her next month!)

Jeff & Michelle said...

Oh and I think she has your face shape!

alisoncr said...

i think she has adam's lips.. i agree with mishi about a mixture of the noses.. it was funny because i looked at adam's picture and was like, wow, they look really similar and then i looked at yours and i was like.. dang.. how is it possible that they look so similar too?
she's a cutie.. maybe i'll come over tonight..

Sassy Cassie said...

I think she has a lot of your features but I sctually think her head is more shaped like Adam's.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know I'm Meredith's mom, but I have seen Mackenzie and Meredith when they were babies, and I must say that she looks so much like her mom did. She has
Adam's feet, and her eyes are a bit bigger than Meredith's, but her nose, face shape, mouth and general appearance belongs to Mom for now. She may change as she grows, then we'll see.

Just my observation!

Love you,

PS. Let's see some Halloween pics!!

stephanie howard said...

Well I thought she looked like you (Meredith) until I saw this post. She looks a lot like Adam to me.

Anonymous said...

I think that she just looks beautiful! (That's a comment from someone who thinks that babies just look like babies.)
Love the pics. Mom is wanting to go back to Utah, not to see Meredith and Adam, but to hold the baby.