Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Pictures!

This is how I am eating right now. I am having a hard time learning to nurse, so mommy pumps and feeds me with a syringe for now.

We just got dressed and are heading home from the hospital.

Daddy is ready to put me in the car seat, but I stuck my tongue out at him!

The nice nurse pushed us out to the car.

We are in the car for our first car ride EVER!

When we walked in the door, Nana Joy was trying to be helpful and she accidentally slammed mommy's fingers in the door. Luckily, it wasn't too bad, but mommy had to put a little ice on her hand. And no, that is not your imagination...mommy is sitting comfortably on the floor on my second day here with them!

I am trying to learn to be a ballerina already!

Mommy is dressing me to go home.

Nana Joy loves holding me!


Daddy took this picture of me because he thinks I have his feet and everything else is from mommy.


Katie said...

She is so precious! I am having a very hard time dealing with the fact that you are all there, and I am here-much too far away to hold her!!!

Christy said...

oh my gosh, she is one of the cutest newborns i have ever seen,no joke. i love all that dark hair! congrats! and how the heck are you already sitting on the floor?!?

Aunt Pam said...

What a cutie! And Meredith, you are looking good for having just been through the "having-baby" ordeal and the "having-Joy-smash-fingers" ordeal. I think Joy just wanted to be able to hold her granddaughter more and so had a "freudian" moment. Congratulations on a beautiful little girl. Enjoy her and give her a big kiss from her Aunt Pam.

The Reed's said...

Mackenzie is beautiful. And wow she has gorgeous black hair. I must say Meredith, I hope I look that good after giving birth a couple of days ago. Glad that everything is going well. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Jeff & Michelle said...

Ok, lots of thoughts.

1- Mackenzie is sooo precious and so adorable and looks exactly like Merde! Except maybe the feet, but I don't really know what Adam's feet look like haha ;)
2- I LOVE all the cute long dark hair! Especially with bows!
3- I love how she is soooo tiny and it's hard to even tell she is in the carseat!
4- Merde you look FABULOUS & I LOVE that color of shirt on you and I'm glad you are healing/recovering well (you want to be a surrogate for my next child??) even though grandma slammed your fingers in the door :)
5- We can't wait to see you later this year!!!

Lyla And Company! said...

WOWOW!!!!!!! She looks like Joy and Cameron to me too!!!!!!!! So incredibly beautiful and such delicate porcelain doll features!!!!!!!!!! Please XOXOXOX from Nana Lyla!!!!!!!! I love her so much already!!!!! I will see her soon for the blessing yeah!!!!!

the Booth's said...

Meredith!!! Wow that is a beautiful little girl!! Congratulations! There is absolutely no doubt that you are the mommy and adam is the daddy! She has your face though and so much hair! Dark hair, ohh these pictures make me so happy, congratulations! You look fabulous after labor, i hope i look half as good as you. Have a wonderful day being a mommy, i'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Meredith she is sooooooooooo beautiful!!!
Melissa Burke was here this morning and was asking me about the ward and babies and I told her you have your little girl now and how beautiful she is!!!
Congrats to you both and Nana Joy looks so happy holding her!!
Lots of love from the Anderson's! :)

Jenna Jaye said...

Meredith she is BEAUTIFUL!!!Congrats on becoming a mommy and having such a precious daughter. I am truly happy for the both of you.